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10 Hiking Essentials Beginners Need to Pack

Hiking is a beloved outdoor activity for many people. If you're considering going out on a hiking trip for the first time, here are 10 hiking essentials that you need to know about as a beginner.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen suddenly while you're out on a hike. A first aid kit should be the first thing you pack.

Rain Gear

A rainstorm can hit a hiking trail without warning, so be sure to pack rain protection gear and remember to pack extra dry clothing in case you get wet.


Bring more food than you think you'll need for your hiking trip just in case your trip lasts longer than expected.


Hiking makes you sweat which expels water and nutrients from your body. This can cause dehydration. Bring plenty of extra water with you and a personal water filter so you can drink from rivers and streams if you run out of bottled water.

Appropriate Shoes

Bring shoes that will help you to traverse the terrain in the area you wish to hike. You should also bring an extra pair of shoes in case the terrain changes or your current pair become unusable.

Multipurpose Tool

Bringing along a multipurpose tool could prove invaluable to you in both convenience and survival. Multipurpose tools contain blades, corkscrews, bottle openers, scissors and other handy tools.

Navigation Tools

It'll be easy for you to become lost in the wilderness unless you bring a map of the area. If you hike in an area where you receive cellular service, you should also program your coordinates into your phone's GPS to help you navigate the terrain.

Sun Gear

Extended exposure to the harmful UV radiation in sunlight is one of the major dangers of hiking. Protect yourself from sunburn and melanoma by packing strong sunscreen and sunglasses.

Safety Items

You may find yourself in difficult situations while out on your hike. Fire starting items, a powerful flashlight, and a whistle are all items that can help to guarantee your safety.


The backpack you purchase for your hiking trip should be comfortable to wear for long hours and through strenuous activities. It should also provide you with plenty of room for your items and come with multiple pockets and zippers for storage purposes.

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