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4 Tips for Summer Bass Fishing

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One of the most exciting experiences a person can have is to go fishing for largemouth bass over the summer months. The warm water conditions only serve to increase the metabolism of the bass, and it will feed even more often during this season. In warm weather conditions, bass act highly predictably. Because of a lack of weather fronts that have led to changes in the water temperature, bass can stabilize and grow even more comfortable while swimming in the same location.



Tip #1: Know Where to Reel Them In


Locating summer bass comes down to knowing their favorite hangout spots. Bass will often be found underneath fishing docks and sunning themselves in the shallow water. They will also go after food sources like crawfish, baitfish and bluegill. Look for a drop-off point that has a significant edge for feeding.


Tip #2: Hunt from the Shadows


Over the summer season, bass may be more inclined to take to some of the more shadowy structures. For example, they might hang around the branches, fallen trees, bridge points and lily pads. Anywhere that lets them cool off from the shadows will be a good point to cast a reel in the summer months.


Tip #3: Fishing in Low Lighting


As the sun starts to drop below the horizon or rise over it, this becomes one of the opportune feeding times for largemouth bass. They will especially like to feed in the waters that have been spared from the sun at this point. During this time, individuals have a perfect moment to cast topwater baits like the old school Jitterbug.


Tip #4: Live Bait Fishing During Mid-Day


Once the sun hits its apex, the bass may start to swim into the deeper waters and creep around in the weeds. During this time, a fathead minnow or a wild shiner will be enough to crank in a feisty bass. The mid-day can be somewhat lazy, but when you send out a live bait, it can tease up some action.


The summer season is always a different time for anglers to relax and adjust their fishing tactics to see what kind of fish they can crank in. It can be a lot of fun to haul in a largemouth by convincing him to strike with aggression.

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