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Fun Facts About San Antonio

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Stephen Geri is a native to San Antonio, Texas. He enjoys visiting the city with his family and grandchildren, exploring all that San Antonio has to offer.


The Riverwalk is one of San Antonio’s most popular places to see in the city. In 1951, Kingsland, Arkansas born country singer Johnny Cash carved “Johnny loves Vivian” into a cedar wood bench. Vivian Liberto was Johnny Cash’s first wife. The two declared this bench in the city as their own because of the long hours they spent sitting, kissing, and talking there. When Vivian was just 17, the two met at a local roller skating rink and married 3 years later in 1954. The wedding took place in San Antonio’s St. Ann’s Catholic Church. The two remained married for 13 years and had 4 daughters.


With Amazon’s two-day shipping option, many Americans love to order books that will be shipped in just a short amount of time. After tracking numbers of romance novels sold across the United States, Amazon named San Antonio the “Most Romantic City” based on the total sale of romance notices, romantic music, and other related products.


With over 200 sunny days in San Antonio, it’s not always easy to stay cool. San Antonio is the first city to ever have an air-conditioned high-rise. In 1928, the city’s high rise of 21 stories, Milam Building became the first high rise to have air-conditioning. In addition to the country’s first air-conditioned high rise, the city is also home to the first air-conditioned bank, hotel, and Catholic Church.


Before NBA star’s road to fame, Shaquille O’Neal attended San Antonio Cole High School. During his time in high school, O’Neal played on the basketball team which went all the way to state championships and won in 1989. The lessons he learned for playing the game back in high school have played out throughout his entire NBA career. He owes his talents to his coaches and teammates for helping him become the great player we all know him to be.


Dating back to 1528, the Catholic Church has remained a strong part of the San Antonian history. Catholic churches plate the city with historical architecture known by visitors and tourists near and far. In fact, the San Fernando Cathedral is the oldest building in the entire state of Texas.

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