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As fall rolls around, restaurant reason is upon all of us, especially in Texas. The lone star state is home to incredible racial and national diversity, which means that the restaurants throughout the state range from classic Texas barbecue to 100% authentic Mexican food to every other cuisine imaginable, as well as some creative mashups that marry wildly different culinary traditions. In San Antonio especially, creative and niche restaurants are gearing up for fall with some specialty dishes and fan favorites. Here’s a list of the can’t-miss eateries in San Antonio.

El Bucanero Mexican Seafood | When you think of Mexican Food, your first thought probably isn’t seafood, but Mexico has a long history of preparing fish, shellfish, and mollusks in ways that is savory and unlike any other way you’ve probably experienced before. El Bucanero, Spanish for “the buccaneer,” takes great pride in its time-tested recipes handed down through generations to serve patrons in the San Antonio area the best Mexican seafood they’ve ever had.

Anchor Bar | The home of the original buffalo wing was the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. Since their invention, Anchor Bar has grown to international notoriety and have expanded into numerous states to bring their finger-lickin’ wings to fans near and far.

Tenko Ramen | Specialty ramen has become a recent craze among young adults who remember all too fondly consuming ramen in college dorms while cramming for exams. Tenko ramen takes the fan-favorite noodles to the next level by cooking them with spices, vegetables, meats, and other obscure ingredients. Not only is the food delicious, but it’s highly instagrammable for those patrons whose food needs to appeal to their taste buds and followers.

The Big Bib BBQ | Texas Barbecue doesn’t get a whole lot more authentic than it does at The Big Bib, where meats are slow-cooked or smoked for up to fourteen hours a day. From the chicken to the beef to the pork, this family-friendly restaurant has enjoyed a reputation as one of the best brisket joints with glowing reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp. If finger-licking BBQ is what you’re craving in San Antonio, this is the place for you.

Rolling Fish Sushi Burrito and Poke | The ultimate combination of two treasured comfort foods — burritos and sushi — has turned out to be the best hybrid to date. The owners of this new fad restaurant have combined the customizability of Chipotle and the delicate flavors and ingredients of eastern Asian cuisine to create burrito-shaped sushi for the eater on the go. This creative love child is quickly becoming a staple in the San Antonio food world.

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