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The Best Fishing Locations in Texas

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Fishing is a fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Some people like to go fishing, and they don't care if they catch anything or not. However, most want to get at least a nibble once in awhile.

The state of Texas has some of the best freshwater and saltwater fishing spots in the country. Four fishing locations really stand out as superior places to catch a lot of fish.

San Antonio Bay

San Antonio Bay is located approximately 55 miles north and east of Corpus Christi, Texas. This bay is near a wildlife preserve, so there is an abundance of wildlife to view while fishing. The fish that most want to catch at San Antonio Bay is the sea trout. This is a great tasting fish, and it puts up a spirited fight when a fisherman tries to reel it in. In addition to the sea trout, flounder and pinfish are frequently pulled out of this bay.

Victor Braunig Lake

Victor Braunig Lake is about 20 miles to the south of the city of San Antonio. Fisherman love this location because it’s one of the few places to catch a red fish without having to go all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Red fish put up a good fight, and they are delicious when pan fried. This lake also has a good population of channel cats for those who don't like to fish with lures. Striped bass are also frequently pulled out of Victor Braunig Lake.

Fork Lake

Those who want the chance to catch some of the largest bass in Texas should make the trip to Fork Lake located a short drive east of the Dallas area. Some of the largest bass have been caught at the lake. The major reason this lake has so many bass is that the state of Texas stocked this lake heavily in the past. The bass have now had time to thoroughly populate this lake, and have grown to sizable proportions.

Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River is another great place to fish in the state of Texas. This river is noted for rainbow trout. Each winter, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stocks the river with rainbow trout. Fisherman come from far and wide for the chance to land one of these fish.

These are just a few of the places to fish in Texas. However, they are among the the very best.


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