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You Can Donate to Charity On a Budget: Here’s How

Let’s face it. Not everyone has a lot of money to give away. However, having limited resources doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t care. To the contrary, most people have big hearts and want to do what they can to help worthy causes.

Fortunately, people can feel financial pressure and still find ways to make a difference. The following tips can help.

Create a Plan

Everyone can sit down and create a budget. Such a project can begin with a simple comparison of income and expenses. By simply adding charitable giving as a line item, people can make sure that they can always give.

Another part of the plan should be deciding which organization should receive the donations. To get maximum benefits from giving, people should look for 501(c)(3) charities because those donations are tax deductible. People could also give a part of their tax refunds and holiday gifts.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Most charities appreciate financial contributions of any amount. After all, if everyone gave a little bit, there’s almost no limit to what could be done. In other words, someone should never allow the perceived size of a donation to keep them from giving.

Limiting the scope of charitable giving may also help. For instance, donors with $100 to give might make a more significant difference by supporting two charities with $50 than they could make by giving $10 to each of ten charities.

Although giving feels good, people should do everything possible to stay within their budget. By “giving until it hurts,” they can cause financial hardships for themselves that can make future charitable giving impossible.

Give In-Kind

People who don’t have money to give can make in-kind contributions to support their favorite causes. Gifts of things like used electronics and clothes to a qualified organization are tax deductible just as cash donations. People can also give time to support charities by volunteering to work a certain number of hours per month.

In conclusion, everyone can make charitable giving part of their lifestyle, even if they don’t have any money. By planning to give and doing so regardless of the amount or type of gift, people can create lifelong habits that will make a lasting difference in our world.

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